Our History

Elias Safran founded the Safran Printing Co. in a Detroit, Michigan garage in 1904. Upon his untimely death in 1933, his two sons, Hy and Dave, aged 19 and 16 respectively, assumed the responsibility of supporting the family by means of their hand fed Kluge letterpress.

The brothers survived the depression years by printing grocery store circulars and odd jobs. They grew along with the City of Detroit and the booming auto industry when they secured their first big order – printing the weekly newsletter of the United Auto Workers in 1939.

Safran Printing continued its expansion after the war years as a pioneer in web-offset lithography, printing catalogues and publications, ultimately earning contracts to produce Fortune magazine and regional editions of TV Guide.

Hy and Dave started a business forms division; Rotary Manifold Forms, in the early 1950’s which grew to include three manufacturing facilities and several sales offices serving the Midwest before being sold in 1982.

Jim Safran, youngest of Hy’s sons, began working summers in the family business at age 13, continuing full-time after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1973, and, after Hy’s death in 1982, purchased the Safran Printing Co. name and other assets.

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